Sarah (Sally) McCartin first dreamed of creating an organization that helped living organ donors with their non-medical expenses after she donated a kidney to a fellow hockey mom in 2013. She decided she would name her organization Kid-U-Not, but was having trouble figuring out how to get started. In 2016, she learned about the American Living Organ Donor Fund and decided to become a chapter of that organization. After a year of being part of the ALODF, Sally realized she wanted more independence in how she ran Kid-U-Not. In 2018, she incorporated the Kid-U-Not Living Organ Donor Fund as a local charity in her home state of Connecticut and began the process for getting her own 501c3 non-profit charity designation from the IRS. As of May 2018, Kid-U-Not's 501c3 application is still pending.

Kid-U-Not neither encourages nor discourages donation, but helps people who have decided to donate with their non-medical expenses. It is our philosophy that living organ donation should be cost neutral. Living organ donors are heroes and they should not have to make financial sacrifices when they donate. Kid-U-Not helps all types of living organ donors (kidney, liver, lung, etc.) regardless of income.

There are several organizations that help living organ donors, but Kid-U-Not, as far as we know, is the only organization in Connecticut which works to put together a total package for donors so that all their legally allowed non-medical expenses are covered. Kid-U-Not does not give grants based on need but based on a donor’s verified donation-related expenses. Donor applications are considered in the order in which all the necessary documentation is received, and applicants are helped to the fullest extent allowed by law. To date, Kid-U-Not has never turned a donor away for lack of funds.

Living organ donors are encouraged to apply to other organizations for help, and Kid-U-Not then supplements those grants to maximize each donor’s assistance within the limitations established by the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA). For example, the National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) helps cover travel and lodging expenses for donors and their caregivers. NLDAC is a needs-based program that evaluates whether organ recipients can afford to cover such costs for their donors and helps if they can’t. Generally, if NLDAC doesn’t help, recipients should be able to cover their donors' travel expenses, but sometimes they can’t or sometimes the donor is giving an organ to someone in need without knowing the identity of that person (if there is no identified recipient, NLDAC can’t help). In such cases, Kid-U-Not can step in to help with travel costs and more, usually lost wages for the donor, and sometimes can also cover a donor’s caregiver’s expenses and lost wages.

Another organization that helps with expenses is the American Transplant Foundation (ATF). ATF helps living organ donors who have to take unpaid leave with monthly bills such as a mortgage, electricity bills, and car payments. Historically, they’ve helped with payments of $1,000 or more, but recently (since the beginning of 2018), due to strain on their resources, the amount of their grants has dropped by 50 percent or more. However, covering some bills is not the same as covering a donor's lost wages which are used to pay not only monthly bills, but also monthly expenses such as groceries, gasoline, and more. We believe that covering lost wages is a more accurate measure of a donor's actual non-medical financial costs than paying one or more monthly bills, so Kid-U-Not will supplement an ATF award to reach the donor’s total lost wages, not just those needed to cover critical monthly bills. The net result is a package of grants and benefits that comes as close as legally allowed to covering all of a donor’s non-medical expenses.     

Our Mission

Our mission is to: provide information to possible donors, enabling them to make an informed decision; and provide as much financial support as possible to ease the financial burden donating may create for the donor. ​

We will work to protect the rights of living organ donors and help them achieve their goal of saving the life of a loved-one or one or more strangers. We are here to help every kind of living organ donor, such as kidney and liver donors. Listening to donors, finding out what they need, and helping them is what we are all about.

Kid-U-Not wants to stop the cycle of abandonment felt by many living organ donors. Donors are helped by some government and private organizations to get them to and from the transplant center, but feel forgotten after they’ve donated. We feel strongly that society’s obligations to living organ donors does not end with the transplant.

While our services are available to all American living organ donors, we also recognize and are working to help correct the social injustice of a transplant allocation system disadvantages the poor, blue-collar workers, and minorities. The law allows living organ donor recipients to pay their donor’s expenses, but does little to take care of donors in communities where their intended recipients can’t afford to help with a donor’s expenses.

Kid-U-Not is here to help. We will support donors in their decision to help save a loved-one or stranger with information, support groups, in-person mentoring by other living organ donors in their community, and financial assistance for those who have no option but to take unpaid leave to donate.

We have never turned away an American living organ donor who has come to us for help. If we do not have the financial resources to help a donor outright with a legal and verifiable donation related expense, we will offer to help the donor with fundraising to pay those expenses.


Our one and only goal is to help American living organ donors so it is easier for them to save the lives of fellow Americans. There are plenty of organizations that help transplant recipients and their families, but few with the primary purpose of helping make organ donors’ lives safer and easier, with all the services and assistance that someone who saves another person’s life deserves. These services often are needed by people who might be prevented from donating for socioeconomic reasons, but we help all donors regardless of economic status. We believe no donor should suffer financially for their good deed.

To that end we will:

  1. Provide information to help donors make informed decisions, including the most recent articles and literature on the risks and benefits of living organ donation.
  2. Provide resources, state by state, so donors can search for what services and benefits are available to them where they live or in the region where they are considering donating (support groups, local charities, and information on hospital and government programs for living donation).
  3. Provide a closed, online support group for only living organ donors and those serious about becoming living organ donors.
  4. Provide a network of in-person mentors for living organ donors.
  5. Provide actual financial benefits and support services to donors to the fullest extent permissible under U.S. law. These services, funds permitting, will include travel, lodging, lost wages, and other forms of support needed for donors and their caregivers to help reduce the burden of living donation.

NOTE: Financial benefits (charity grants to donors) are distributed based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please see “Applying for Help from Kid-U-Not” button on the right-hand side of our home page for information on when we will next be accepting applications for assistance. The number of donors we can help is directly linked to the amount of donation we receive.


We would like to see a world where the decision whether or not to help save a fellow American by being a living organ donor isn’t a financial decision. To accomplish this vision, we support the Center for Ethical Solution’s Save Lives, Save Money Now! initiative to try to change U.S. law to help living organ donors with their expenses. In the meantime, we at Kid-U-Not want to do whatever we can under current law to limit the financial and social burdens faced by living organ donors.

Our Founder

I am Sarah (Sally ) McCartin, and I am a living kidney donor.  

My journey started in August 2013 when I donated a kidney to a hockey Mom I had known for one season. One of the issues I was facing was that I could potentially go out of work for 2 weeks with no pay. I knew that my short term disability would kick in after the first 14 days. Luckily, I had a great A&R union and the best  co-workers ever who helped me cover the lost wages. My recepient also told me she would help  me if I needed her to.  

Unfortunately, that is not always the case for all living organ donors. Kid-U-Not was formed to help the living organ donor in the State of CT.  We provide information, emotional  and financially support and occassionally lobby for living organ donors rights and benefits.

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