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For more information, please call or email
phone: 203-988-2724
email: kidunot@yahoo.com.  
We hope we can be of assistance to you but how many people we can help and to what extent depends on the amount we receive in donations. We will respond to your request as fast as we can. All decisions as to whom to grant aid and for how much are totally in Kid-U-Not's sole discretion, and all decisions are final. We prefer receiving applications prior to donation, but will accept them up to two months post surgery.

Please fill out   this application and email it to: kidunotlivingdonorapplication@yahoo.com. Note that information sent to any other email address other than the one given here won’t be considered.

Please remember that we will do everything we can to help as many donors as we can, but how much we can do is totally dependent on the amount we receive in donations.

Not everyone gets to have the honor of trying to improve or save a life. We look forward to helping you help a fellow American in whatever way we can.

The KidUNot Team

​Note on privacy: Any personal information you provide in your application sent to us through email will only be shared with the Board Members of KidUNot or a subcommittee of the Board assigned to make assistance-award decisions. This information will also be used only for the purposes indicated in the application form and as indicated on our website.

General statistics regarding applicants as a group may occassionally be shared in KidUNot annual reports, newsletters, and articles, but no names, addresses, or other information that could identify an individual applicant will be shared.

We employ generally accepted, and standard, internet protection measures for all email traffic and subsequent data management methods to protect against cyberattacks or hacking into our website and the kidunotlivingdonorapplication@yahoo.com email account. This includes Internet security measures and password protection, where applicable. For example, we have subscribed to relevant internet protection services with service providers and hosting services for our website commensurate with our nonprofit entity status. We are also exploring additional methods for implementing additional layers of security in the near future.

However, given the high incidence and success of cyberattacks, versatility and  sophistication of hackers, and data breaches occurring with increased frequency, we must advise you that, with regard to submitted applications, complete cyber security is more aspirational than a reality. As a result we are unable to offer a broader guarantee against potential data breaches involving submitted application information.

Please note the KidUNot disclaimer at – click here .